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Walt Hubis Creativity + Technology was created to help small business owners, individuals, consultants, and freelancers establish an effective and professional web presence. These professionals say their biggest hurdle is getting comprehensive and trustworthy assistance in establishing a website. My goal is to provide a complete and hassle-free suite of services for small businesses that genuinely reflects their goals, values, and integrity. I provide a complete, turn-key experience with seamless integration of the technology and marketing aspects.

This work is the culmination of two great loves of my life: technology and photography. I’ve been deeply involved with technology and engineering all my professional career, working as a technology and security architect for such companies as IBM, Seagate, NetApp, and many others. At the same time, I’ve been a photographer since I was nine years old, working my way through college as a scientific photographer and then moving into a successful commercial photography career. If I’m not working with my clients or working on a new design, you’ll find me photographing the great prairies of the Midwest and Southwest, or the elegant decay of Europe.

This work is infinitely fulfilling for me. My success grows out of working with other solopreneurs, one on one, to achieve success. My client’s success is my success. The reward is having a great time while we produce great work. Let’s get together and talk about how to have some fun and make something great!


Training is one of the most important parts of my work.  I work with my clients so that they can easily perform basic maintenance and updates on their sites. To do this, I use industry standard platforms and perform no modifications to the underlying code. While I am happy to provide ongoing updates, this option allows my clients to perform their own updates, or to hire anyone competent in web development to do this work. For more sophisticated and specialized web and application development, I can recommend skilled professionals who offer those services.


If you prefer not to perform upgrades or modifications to your site and/or infrastructure, I can provide a broad range of service plans to help you maintain your site, provide ongoing backups, and make ongoing modifications. See my support page for a full listing and prices for our support plans.


My guarantee is simple: if you’re not having a remarkable experience at any point during our work together or if you’re not delighted with our design, you will be refunded any payments you have made with no further obligation.

Recent Activities and Reading List


I’m the cook at home and I love to prepare a wide variety of dishes from various ethnicities.

My travel for my photography work has taken me to many world class vineyards in Europe where I’ve been privileged to be able to learn about viniculture and develop an appreciation for a good bottle of wine.

I’m a composer of music that I use both for my videos and for my personal enjoyment.  In the winter, you’ll find me skiing at Arapahoe Basin, and in the summer, I’m hiking or cycling in my Colorado home.

And after a long ride, a good meal, and a glass of wine, there’s nothing like cuddling up on the couch with my wife and watching some good B-rated science fiction movies.